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Chemistry at Innovation by Design Conference 2017

Bassam Jabry, Partner & Managing Director of Chemistry, was invited by DesignSingapore Council to share his insights about how design companies could apply human-centred design to transform businesses in the digital age. “Often the technology is ready, but the way it’s delivered doesn’t resonate with the end user, and hence it get rejected” he said. Businesses that fail to harness a deeper understanding of their customer’s behaviour and needs  will suffer poor uptake of their new services and efforts to onboard them to digital platforms.

Innovation by Design Conference is the feature conference of Singapore Design Week, organised by DesignSingapore Council. The annual conference brings together design, business, and public sector leaders to share their expertise on how design drives innovation, and how design can transform individuals and corporations to create a better world.

(Image credit: DesignSingapore Council)

Chemistry at Innovation by Design