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IoT Asia Conference: Driving Transformation & Innovation Through User-Centric Design Approaches

IoT has the potential to change all our lives and transform the way we work, play and live. But in order to drive innovation in a sustainable way, we also have to consider the end users and their needs. This is why Chemistry was invited to participate in the IoT Asia 2017 conference, which gathered industry players across the IoT value chain to showcase and discuss the latest developments in IoT.

Bassam Jabry, Partner & Managing Director of Chemistry, joined fellow panel speakers to look into how human centred design can help transform IoT to deliver meaningful engagements, relevant to people’s everyday lives. Chemistry also got participants to design and innovate with end users in mind, in a hands-on workshop led by Karin Aue, Design Director of Chemistry.

IoT is an exciting frontier of today’s technology advancements, and we look forward to continue engaging technology providers and end users across multiple industries, in their journeys to adopt IoT solutions in meaningful ways.