John Chan

Partner - Product, Environments

Born and bred in Singapore, John studied industrial design at the National University of Singapore. He is responsible for inspiring and guiding a team of talent designers towards the execution of powerful design outcomes at Chemistry. In his 10 years of consultancy experience, John has worked with diverse businesses, developing award winning products in the consumer electronics, lifestyle products as well as the medical and service industry. His work has garnered more than 6 design awards and resulted in various successful products from Dell, Motorola, Phillips, Panasonic and Procter & Gamble.

John views design as an on going exercise to relate one’s subconscious to the conscious. Through the exploration of context, he employs function as a vehicle to articulate and manifest the meaningful affinities between users and their environment.

John is one of the designers invited by the Singapore Arts Museum to participate in MADE FOR SAM, the creative production of a critical and compelling range of products. His works have been showcased at the Singapore Design Festival 2009, the Singapore Arts Museum, the National Museum of Singapore as well as Singaplural Design Week 2012 and 2014.