F1 2012 Temasek Suite

Singapore Tourism Board
Experience Design

Situated right in the thick of the Singapore F1 action directly overlooking the pit lane, the Temasek Suite hosts various dignitaries and ministers of state and is the premiere hospitality suite of the Singapore Grand Prix. The Temasek Suite features a viewing gallery which overlooks the starting grid as well as the Gardens by the Bay. The 8,500 sqft space is divided into a lounge area and a dining area, connected by a long walkway.

Coinciding with the fifth and supposedly final year of the SGP, our intention was to create a museum-like gallery space which illustrates the legacy of F1 and all of its technological innovations. Cladded with seemingly random textured illuminated panels, the space resonates with the momentary visual qualities of speed.  The result was an ambient and intelligent space that is also functional.

Understanding that guests in the Temasek Suite generally gravitate towards the dining space where the viewing gallery and food is located, the lounge and walkway areas of the suite featured the ‘Hall of Fame’ exhibits that highlighting the key moments in the history of Singapore's racing action.

The design of the Temasek Suite 2012 was very received by the entire project team and our client, The Singapore Tourism Board.

Due to its success, STB decided to replicate elements of our design for the year 2013's racing season.