Phoon Huat
Branding | Structural Packaging

This baking goods company has been around since the late 1940s and the Redman brand in its previous format was designed in the 1970s.

Phoon Huat, owners of the Redman mark, engaged us to do a comprehensive makeover in order to reposition the brand as viable player in the retail supermarket space.

While the old logo contained the complexity of 3 elements; the icon, the type and the holding shape, the new logo is powerful in its simplicity. The memorable Redman icon has been retained as it has immense equity value; but it has been redesigned and crafted to make it look more firm, confident and contemporary.

A simple paneling system combined with a tight and well thought out colour palette, almost purely built on information itself while allowing the use of photography where it is technically and financially feasible.

How we got there: the creative team started to explore an ‘evolutionary’ approach; with the clear objective in mind to retain the original Redman icon in some shape or form.

For the new Redman packaging graphics, the aspect of efficiency and pragmatism was key. As a partially B2B supplier and wholesaler, Phoon Huat has an impressively large range of SKUs, but not the manpower and budget to re-design each pack label from the ground up. So they needed a packaging and labeling system that results in easy-to-generate new packs while not losing track of the fresh and attractive look of each version.