Chemistry’s feature in Visa’s Fintech Highlights Reel

A little snippet of our proto-typing showcase at Fintech as well as the interview with our very own Bassam Jabry.

Visa Fintech Highlights Reel

The Unfettered Mind

Take a look at The Peak's interview if you ever wonder what other than Chemistry keeps Bassam inspired and busy in creating the perfect weekend!

The Peak Oct 2014

Chemistry prototypes at FinTech

Chemistry ran a booth at FinTech 2014, a gathering of banking, payment and tech companies to explore the future of payments and consumer banking transactions.

We setup a live demo, running a hands on prototyping session where delegates could try their hand at developing end customer centric solutions using, literally, paper ...

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Chemistry in The Edge

Click on the link below to read about Chemistry's article in The Edge. A great story highlight the thinking and work behind the soon to open Singapore Visitor Centre on Orchard Road. A project that's been 2 years in the making!

The Edge Article