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LASALLE College of the Arts Mentorship Challenge 2016

12 amazing young design talents recently descended upon our Chemistry studio to participate in a mentorship challenge, organised by Chemistry and the LASALLE College of the Arts. Over 5 weeks from September to October 2016, these final-year BA (Hons) Design Communication students immersed themselves in the world of design thinking, through tackling a brief about “creating unique experiences that embodies the character of their personal home kitchen”.

It has been a pleasure for us to mentor this group of enthusiastic designers, and be inspired by their fresh perspectives and thinking. We wish them all the best with their final year projects and graduation!

We showcase some of the students’ works and learnings below:

1) The Olfactory, by Josephine Roxanne Lazaro Perez, LASALLE

Research shows that smell is the most powerful sense out of the 5 as it ties strongly with collective memory. The OL (Odoured Layers) factory comprised of layers of smells, revealing the invisible yet distinctive characteristics of Rox’s kitchen. The mixture of smells ranged from rotting onions to dishwashing liquid, and even that from its adjacent laundry area.

“The main takeaway of this project, for me, was that ideas had to be iterated numerous times before finalising it. It took me awhile to refine my ideas, but through this process, I gained insights into what the Chemistry tea
m does in every project they work on. The team taught us the importance of going back to the idea, testing its value, being professional in the midst of criticism, and enjoying the process of making. I am thankful for the journey they have been on with us, throughout the mentorship challenge.” – Rox


2) The Trochoid Series, by Nur Amirah binte Mohamad Sham, LASALLE

The Trochoid Series is a tableware set made from a special spirograph set. Each spirograph wheel was shaped according to a family member’s personality, such that the patterns created on the tableware represented each personality of Amirah’s kitchen.

“Through this mentorship, my perception of design widened. I learnt that design can be used not only to solve problems or merely ‘make things pretty’, but it can also be a tool to create new experiences and cultivate new memories among people, thus making life much more meaningful. Chemistry taught me the importance of choosing aesthetics that speaks and enhances content and concept, rather than choosing that which is trendy.” – Amirah