Tracking Value in the Circular Economy with Orobo.io

An open and decentralised platform, which incentivises parties to collaborate in circular value chains and aims to enable the easy adoption of circular business models.

The Driving force

Orobo Pte. Ltd. is a joint venture between Chemistry Team and So Now and was successfully incorporated on July 15th, 2020. Orobo’s roots lay in the common drive of the founding partners to help businesses transition to a circular economy, specifically by improving the communication and trust between the different stakeholders and partners in the supply chain.

About the shareholding companies

Chemistry Team is a strategic consultancy with a strong focus on human-centred design. They apply a systematic approach to problem solving, using design as a strategic tool to engage with businesses in order to help foster change and transformation through innovation. 

So Now is your go-to agency for circular economy. They aim to move local economies and organizations towards adopting a circular model. Their services include ideation & roadmapping, circular design thinking, business modeling, storytelling & partnership building. 

As the two shareholding companies, Chemistry Team & So Now have bundled their expertise to provide a platform with integrated digital solutions that enable a circular economy. Orobo is the platform where people, partners and data from the supply-chain are brought together, operations are tracked transparently, and business impact is measured and improved.

For more information, visit orobo.io.

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