John Chan

Partner - Product, Environments

John is responsible for the execution of industrial and spatial design projects. He enjoys questioning the way things are, constantly exploring and uncovering emotive, intuitive and human centred solutions. John uses his visualisation skills to bring meaningful ideas to life, communicating complex flows, processes and human interactions effectively.

Over the last his ten years at Chemistry, he has created products and experiences for a broad range of partners including Dell, Motorola, Phillips, Panasonic, Proctor & Gamble as well as government agencies such as the Singapore Tourism Board, Ministry of Health and National Library Board.

He was also the lead designer to deliver the China Town Heritage Centre spatial design for the Singapore Tourism Board.

John’s experience has contributed to design success in diverse business industries and is one of 40 featured designers at the Singapore Art Museum. He contributes by teaching as an adjunct at Singapore Polytechnic’s Experience and Product design course.

John has a BA in Industrial Design (Hons) from the National University of Singapore. He also completed a course on ‘The Science and Art of Effective Web and Application Design’ in May 2016 and ‘Digital User Experience Design’ at NUS Institute of Systems Science in June 2016.