Marcel Heijnen

Associate Partner - Brand, Communication

For Marcel, creation is a way of life, not just a job. Whether is his visual art, his songwriting or his design work, it all comes from the same source, the need to create. Having said that, Marcel does not see design as an art form but as problem-solving skill. He enjoys taking a 'big picture' role and always aims for solutions in which the rational and the emotive aspects create a newly found spark.

Marcel is one of Chemistry's two founding members and had the vision of a place in which creative individuals from different backgrounds and with various skill-sets come together to tackle creative projects and generate ideas.

Marcel is originally from The Netherlands but has been in Asia since early 1992.

In the past few years, art has become an important part of Marcel’s life which has resulted in his ever-growing Residue series of textural and dream-like photographs and the inception of Artistry, the gallery café.

Marcel’s creative life and he often finds himself at construction sites and industrial estates to capture images for his unique Residue series.

This picture was taken during Marcel’s first solo exhibition during the Month of Photography festival in 2010. Since then numerous exhibitions have followed.

Music (songwriting, singing and playing guitar/piano) is another important passion in Marcel’s life and has resulted in a numbers of albums, this here is his solo album, released in 2010. It shares a title with his visual art series.