Teh-O! Milo-Bing! Kopi-O!

Art Director Simon Wong's series of wall prints are inspired by visits to the Kopi Shop. The challenge was to reinvent over-used imagery associated with Kopi-Shops - typically consisting of retro signage, mosaic floor tiles, thick ceramic cup and saucer, and so on.

To do this, the series takes a different approach. Real Teh-O, Milo-Bing and Kopi-O liquids are applied to art paper using various throwing, dripping and splattering techniques - this creates a new style of visual art reminiscent of our Kopi Shop experience without being too literal.

The carefully thrown yet random patterns were then shot and repeat layered in photoshop - and finally printed onto high quality artpaper resulting in an unusual organic yet ordred set of prints.

These art prints are for sale, for online enquiries mail info@chemistryteam.com.