Forking Spoon

The Chinese Soup Spoon dates back to the 1800s. Two hundred years on, little has changed. Manufacturing processes and materials aside, the Chinese Soup Spoon has retained much of its original form and certainly, usage.

This project is a study of a seemingly mundane everyday utensil and its potential to make our lives more convenient.

Eating out is so commonplace activity today that many of us have our meals with one hand holding our mobile devices, and the other wielding a fork or spoon to move food from dish to mouth sloppily.

And so comes along our Forking Spoon. This handy gizmo picks up noodles, scoops soup and pokes fishball. Oh, and certainly don't forget the bottle opener since Tiger Beer goes well with everything.

See what we have done here?

We have spared your other hand for what is more important... your phone.