Nudge… Towards Food Wastage Awareness

Our behaviour around food has a strong impact, not only our own health and waistlines, but also on our community and environment.

We waste food everyday - in Singapore, we threw away an average of 130kg of food per person in 2013.

Most of us think nothing of the left-overs on our plates and are not aware of the impact that every little bit might have. So, we keep filling our plates beyond what we actually can eat and toss perfectly edible food into the rubbish bin.

This is the starting point for "Nudge" - a set of objects and products created to increase awareness, challenge attitudes and, maybe even, break certain food-wasting habits.

Based on common food-wasting habits and motivations, we have created exhibits that will not only make you think about your food but, we hope, will nudge you towards more sustainable practices.