Hungry -piggy- Happy

Bassam Jabry was invited as one of forty designers based in Singapore to design one of a set of unique souvenirs for the SINGAPORE ART MUSEUM shop. His brief was to create a piggy bank from 'new bone' china ceramic.

Bassam wanted a dynamic and interactive design, rather than simply an ‘object d’art’.

In the end, it was a conscious choice not to deviate from the well recognised paradigm of the traditional Piggy Bank, but with a few fresh twists.

The result was the ‘Hungry <Piggy> Happy’. When the Piggy bank is empty, it sits on its hind legs and looks up intently waiting to be fed with coins which are ‘fed’ through the mouth!

As this process goes on, the weight of all the coins would eventually make it roll forward, turning it from a hungry pig to a happy pig, a tongue-in-cheek reflection of the joys of eating in Asia along with the love for cute animals and figurines.

Finally, in a final amusing gesture, the tail acts as a hatch to ‘discharge’ it’s load having amassed a fine and wealthy collection of coins! The shape of the tail is reminiscent of ceramic teapot lids, another semantic synonymous with the material used. You can purchase your very own Piggy from the Singapore Art Museum or online from Farm by clicking here.