Take Your Uncle Home

It's the year 2020.

Europe, after many years of decline, find its economy turning a corner towards renewed growth. With new optimism and wealth, they look to Asia as a source of inspiration and trends.

One Multinational Corporation decides to revive the old tradition around 'Teh Tarik' or literally 'Pull Tea', creating a home appliance that brings back the same great flavour the original 'uncle' used to make in the old Singapore.

A big hit with overseas markets, what was once seen as a cheap and fast corner coffee shop drink, we find it now transformed into an upscale home appliance - introducing the world at large to 'Teh Tarik', 'Kopi' and even 'Milo Dinosaur'!

As part of the design evolution, we have created a new take on the classic kopitiam mug, shown here as a 3D printed model with gloss white and metallic spray paint.