XipPOS Digital Cash Payment

Product, UI Design

Chemistry was awarded the SG Mark Award on March 2014 at a gala ceremony hosted by Design Business Chamber Singapore in conjunction with Singapore Design Week.

Nearex XIP is a secure digital cash payment system that is independent of service provider and aimed at small merchants in developing countries.

The team asked Chemistry to design the complete user experience for device as well as the user interface, with a particular focus on robustness and ease of use that is language independent. .

With many developing nations, particularly Africa, still without proper access to payment systems, this solution will drive financial inclusion for the 4 billion people living at under $8/day income levels.

The Nearex solution can be seen as a hybrid between a debit card and an RFID card consisting of 2 devices. The XipPOS, a battery powered cellular device with NFC for the merchant, and a simple NFC 'XipTAG' for consumers to make secure electronic payments. Chemistry worked very closely with the engineers to arrive at a target price that can achieve traction in the intended target markets.

The pilot of the completed solution was initiated in Zimbabwe in April 2014, and further tests are planned in Southeast Asia. Xip was presented at Innovfest in Singapore, Innovate in USA and was featured in the Singapore Business Times newspaper.