Collaborative Spaces

SOTA (School of the Arts)
Workplace Strategy, Spatial Design

Facing the growing need for workspace, SOTA (School of the Arts) worked with Chemistry to identify design opportunities and from behavioural insights. Through a thorough research programme which included interviews and observation of both staff and students, Chemistry identified the recurring need for more collaborative spaces within the school’s campus.

Through several prototype tests, the eventual design outcome was to develop discussion spaces peppered around various key areas of the school for both staff, students and visitors. These sessions were critical to arriving at a good solution avoiding claustrophobic spaces.

Taking into account the many considerations required within the context of an educational institution, open yet private spaces were created through the use of perforated bent sheet steel. The porous circular structure provided the necessary ventilation whilst keeping discussions within confidential. Strong bold colours were applied to intuitively identify and help staff describe the discussion booths easily.