Eastman Chemicals
Flagship Store Design

Chemistry was tasked to refine and sharpen the positioning and overall retail experience of two car window film brands.

V-KOOL attracts a luxury segment of solar control film consumers. It is a well established brand with a lot of brand equity and credibility in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

On-the-ground research across the markets helped sharpen the brand positioning towards a high class "members only" service experience. Chemistry refined and updated the logo and retail space for a more exclusive sensory experience based on emotive benefits where the customer should feel pampered and assured to have chosen the best.

The focus of the new experience is on luxurious comfort for the customers across all touch-points. As such, particular emphasis was placed on entry, waiting period during the installation process as well as the entire take-away experience points of the customer journey.

The new brand positioning, logo and retail experience were presented to the network of franchisees during an annual conference where guests could experience the retail environment through a physical showcase, capturing all the new features of the redesigned experience.