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Inspiring Young Designers on the Strategic Value of Design

With the growing trend of businesses applying design as a strategic tool, it is imperative for young budding designers to understand how design can help businesses transform the way they communicate with customers and employees.

63 final-year Visual Communications students from Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Design got to hear from Nicholas earlier this afternoon, as he shared with them his experience as a designer helping businesses transform in Singapore, such as Chemistry’s recent efforts in re-designing a major local telco’s consumer bill, which is being implemented and rolled out across Singapore right now. Ever the talent for looking at everyday things with fresh eyes, Nicholas also guided the students through a series of mini-exercises, to illustrate the fun and value of conducting design research to uncover insights about people’s everyday life.

The enthusiasm of the students was contagious and refreshing for us at Chemistry, as we go about tackling real-world problems daily. It certainly made for a satisfying end to the week in our studio. TGIF!